PV AUDIO PV-AK86H/CHT Microphone


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✅ The system feature and inner structure according with newest design.
✅ Match Hi-Fi against shock cartridge and can exactly convey your every sentence at any place.
✅ Adopt perfect “PILOTTONE” noise control circuit, 100 percent clear the noise of noise interfere.
✅ Adopt audio compress-expand technique, deeply control noise, expand the dynamic rage.
✅ Adopt newest “Noise Lock” ctrl circuit & can clear the noise of noise interfere.
✅ Handhold mic has indicated function of battery low press and electricity
✅ Adopt many class narrow band high frequency and middle frequency wave, clear disturb function.
✅ Handhold microphone with miscellaneous letter shock-wave to clean circuit.
✅ Adopt frequency composing technique, can change frequency function and avoid disturb of noise signal.



Carrier frequency VHF205-270MHz
Modulation mode FM
Channel number 2Channel
Frequency stability  ±0.005%
Dynamic range  100dB
Max modulation  ±75KHz
Frequency response 30Hz-15KHz
S/N ratio > 105dB
T.H.D  <0.5%
Working range About 50 – 80m (Without obstacle)
Working temperature range -10°C~+40°C


Receive mode Heterodyne frequency conversion receive
Intermediate Frequency   110MHz, 10.7MHz
RF squelch  75dB
Max level output  1 V


Antenna Hand-hold microphone with built-in screw antenna
Output power  30mW
RF squelch 60dB
Power DC 1.5V*2
Battery life About 10 hours

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Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 38 x 32 x 7 cm