Coming from humble beginnings, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. first opened its doors 30 years ago in 1988 at Lido, occupying only half a shop space and was known as Syarikat Radio TV Elektrik. Equipped with the vision of catering to the electrical business, the latter was founded by brothers, Mr. Chai Gua Fang and the late Mr. Chai Ting Pong, offering their expertise in reparation services and sales of electrical products. Their hands-on approach and the dedication shared between them paved the path to success for the company.

Being well received by their clients and the masses, the duo took their business to a whole new level increasing the spectrum of their services. Thus, on 15th July 1997, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. was conceived. Through the years, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. withstood the test of time and has grown to become a trusted partner of numerous corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, hobbyists and home-users.

Fast-forward 30 years, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. remains competitive and continues to lead in the electrical industry employing over 75 employees. Standing as one of the most prominent and recognised distributors in Sabah, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. continues to grow consistently with more than 270 affiliations and retailers.

As the pioneer in the industry, Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd. has become the main reputable dealer of electrical products and electronic components in the whole of Sabah as well as neighbouring region, Brunei Darussalam. With the execution of our annual marketing strategy at the start of every year, we are able to identify and tackle every aspect of reaching out to our clients; those of whom are outside of our area of service.

Today, with the sales and marketing department headed by second-generation, Mr. Ivan Chai, the company has exceeded and surpassed its revenue and sales target and together with his knowledge and technical capabilities, Mr. Ivan Chai is leading the way for the company in modernising as well as digitalising its sales and aftersales structure reaching greater heights and broadening the company’s horizons.


At Radiotronic Sdn. Bhd., we stand as the sole distributor of several brands including Vaka, Sonore, Peavey, Shure, Allen & Heath, Kameha and other major brands. Apart from being the sole distributor for the multitude of diverse brands, our inventory consists upwards of several thousand varieties of electrical products and components to browse from.


Equipped with the experience, technical knowledge and skillset, our dedicated team of sound system specialists and technicians are constantly ready and willing to give you a hand in analysing your different sound system requirements.

Providing solutions to any questions or requests to every unique requirements and specifications to the highest standards, locally or out-stationed.


To better serve our clientele, we are constantly coming up with new products and components monthly to fulfil and cater to all your requirements to the highest regards in quality. All our products are applicable in a wide array of fields, our clientele depend heavily on our products for their daily operations be it commercially, industrially, educational purposes and most importantly, in the military.

Our inventory includes a wide range of genuine products at an affordable price for all your electrical needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop us a message here.


Achieving extraordinary growth through a customer-centric business strategy, taking the interactive approach in utilising e-catalogues and e-commerce website. Hence, providing the highest standards of services and accessibility to affordable quality products.